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Soooo…yeeaahh.. We are breaking up because you ate your peas one at a time. it’s stupid!! It’s so annoying!! I have asked you to use a spoon over and over again, but NO! you insisted on using your finger and picking them up one at a time!! There are always like 20 peas on your plate, it drives me crazy!!

It doesn’t matter that you are always there for me when I need you. For instance, like when you came and took care of me when I had the flu, I mean you called in to work and everything! Even though you took off work and I knew you couldn’t really afford to, you did it anyway! Oh and there was that time that you helped me write my thesis, (you practically wrote it yourself) and you had a paper due the next day; You stayed up all night to help, yes I remember that; that was cool of you! And there was that time that you came over to my house and cooked dinner for me because I had to work a double shift and you knew I was too tired. That was such a nice surprise, I was even thinking on my way home from work; what am I going to do for food? ( I was too tired to stop on the way). Oh yeah and what about how you always call me to tell me goodnight because you know I like to hear your voice before I go to sleep. I could call you, but I wouldn’t commit to it and would probably forget, I remember that’s why you volunteered to do it. I can’t forget that time you sent my mom flowers on her birthday because you knew I would forget, she was so happy when she called me to thank me for them, I think she was crying.

Sooo..Yeah.. now that I think about it,


I wrote this silly rant to remind us of how we tend to turn mole hills into mountains. We highlight everything that is wrong with our partners and we don’t highlight the good. If you have to write down all the good things your partner does and has done for you then do so, so you don’t forget or trivialize their presence in your life. Start your list today!! Pull it out every time you think about breaking up with him/her. Oh and please remember they are making a list about you. Let’s hope you make the grade

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I thought today in honor of #TBT I would share a couple of posts from a few years back from my Facebook page DivinePeachInc



Some women get it… you see your happiness is tailor made for you.. Every experience from your childhood until now creates a unique fit for what you need in your life to be happy.. From the things you felt your life the things you felt you were over exposed to and do not desire to have anymore.. The key is gettn that needed time alone so that you can figure it out..


Have you or someone you know ever lost themselves in a relationship? It is very hard to end a relationship that you have lost yourself in. What is the danger in losing yourself? Well for one you put this relationship and person before everyone and everything else. All you think about is him, can’t remember or take care of business, calling him constantly, You can’t go out with friends or don’t have time for friends anymore, You blend your life with this relationship and you make it one. This means your life and the life of your relationship is one and the same. Surely we all know and understand the importance of keeping a life separate from your relationship and mate. Why should you do this for those who don’t know? We do this because in the event your relationship ends it will not have such a detrimental effect on your life as a whole. You can actually begin to separate yourself from the things and places or whatever that cause painful memories. You can begin to close that chapter without having to close so much of the life that you are going to have to live while moving on. Plus even if the relationship doesn’t end sometimes it good to visit your life outside of your relationship to collect yourself, to step outside and look at your relationship to make sure you are happy and its progressing. We all know a relationship that’s dormant has no future.


empowering yourself inwardly and spiritually can be detrimental in how your body feels outwardly.. A Conversation With A Real Woman was written as a guide to help women empower themselves and increase their self worth

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A Conversation With A Real Woman

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Today I realized why I was inspired to write many years ago. Sometimes in life we follow a passion so long that we forget how and why the flame was initially ignited. It’s only been a about a week since I decided to start this blog. I knew that it would be something I loved because I have already written my first book (a conversation with a real woman) and I fell in love with the process. I didn’t even know that I was going to write a book. It started by God giving me an idea to journal about advice that I had given people over the years regarding their relationships. I wrote in my journal consistently for a about a year and then God told me to publish my writings. Long story short, It was the best thing that I could’ve done and I was so proud. I knew right then that my passion was writing. Well that’s been years ago and it wasn’t until 2013 that I started my Facebook page DivinePeach so that I could continue to write and try to encourage people. I didn’t get a lot of likes on my page and really became frustrated with it and took a year hiatus.

I say all of that to say this: I forgot why I started writing in the first place. It is a gift from God and it makes me happy. I should’ve never gotten so discouraged and frustrated with the number of likes on my page but should have stayed encouraged by the message. God placed on my heart the other day this; it’s not about the masses, it’s about the message! When God gave me the idea to write this blog I started that silly thinking all over again: What if no one reads my blog? What if no one sees it? But this time I won’t be defeated. Today I took the time to read some of the most beautiful, inspirational, informative blogs by some of the most talented people. I was re-inspired today and I found that passion again that drove me to write in the first place. I write because God has given me a gift, a gift that many of you understand. He has also provided me with a platform and I’m going to use it. I write because it makes me happy, I write because I like my words to hopefully inspire and encourage people.

So thanks to all of the bloggers. Your writings were my inspirations and I Admire you all for taking the time out of your busy day to share your experiences, life stories and your voice.



With todays standards of relationships you wonder why people bother to date at all. There are so many experts with so many different opinions on what a healthy relationship looks like and family members who want to insert their “words of wisdom” into the conversation on why they feel your relationship is failing. Everyone is a teacher and there aren’t any students. So where is all of this knowledge coming from? Probably from the person giving the advice comparing your relationship to what happened and/or what is happening in their current/former relationship. But here is the thing; your relationship is not theirs, your partner is not made up the same way as theirs, nor do they understand what your relationship is founded on, because your relationship will never mirror theirs.

No two people are the same. We have different personalities and we react differently to different situations and circumstances. For instance, you have some people who love stressful work environments. They love the stress and they feel like they are at their best when they are challenged. So these type of people may be drawn to a partner that is a little more crazy and OCD about things. On the other hand, you have an individual who can’t handle stressful situations and tend to run or avoid anyone or anyplace that could potentially cause this unwanted stress. Maybe you have never had to face a stressful or challenging situation with your partner and you don’t know how things are going to unfold. The best advice I could give would be to trust in your relationship and your partner. Understand that an initial reaction is not always the final reaction, and to have patience. Sometimes people are scared of uncertainty and/or change. But having patience shows that you are supportive and that you care. However, at the end of the day, disagreeing with your partner does not mean the relationship is doomed. Normally two adults looking at the same picture will express different views; due to their different views of life, life experiences, and upbringing which influences how they react to life, relationships and certain situations. Sometimes a disagreement is a great thing because it gives both parties a chance to state their case. It will give you a chance to learn more about your partner giving the relationship a chance to grow.

So what makes a relationship normal? Who can define what it is to have a “normal relationship?” You can look at your parent’s relationship or you can challenge yourself to create your own definition. Because you saw a parent abused or cheated on, or may be even seen another parent cheat on the other, does not mean that this is “the norm.” You have to decide what standards you want to set for your relationship so that you can be happy. There are going to be many obstacles in your relationship, but as long as you still feel whole and complete, safe and loved than you and your relationship is on the right track. I’m not saying to never listen to your loved ones advice regarding your relationship. I’m just saying don’t have them on speed dial or put them before your partner. It is in my experience that God should play just as an important role in your relationship as you and your partner in order for it to be successful!




Everyone has a different path to take in life; and although our individual paths are different, our journeys are more similar than we know. Our journeys as a whole will demand that we conquer certain obstacles in order to advance. There is always a level in which we will have to overcome a situation that seems unconquerable. This is where we feel our worst and feel that we have been defeated. You will not be able to physically remove yourself from this stage until you can first mentally survive the turmoil. Your mental strength will fuel your physical body to move and advance. We have to understand that A strong mind produces a strong will and whatever is on the inside of you will eventually manifest itself on the outside. For example, if you have a positive mindset, than it will show in your attitude and in your day to day treatment of those around you. You will be motivated to not allow the situation to conquer you, but you will began to move around and be active and prepare yourself for the duration of the war that you are going through.

The next step of most journeys involves more peace. In this stage you are normally not where you want to be, but you are at peace with where you are. You are in control of your mind and it is stable. You are now looking for inspiration and direction so that you can figure out the tools you need to gather to advance to the next step. This step is the next hardest level because in this stage everything that you learned from the previous will now be put in to play. You will now have to display patience. Patience is the one thing that can cause someone to lose out on the true purpose of their journey. Being impatient can cause a person to fall back a level because they will try to advance too quickly without learning and absorbing all of the lessons that should be learned where they are. We have to have patience where we are for direction to where we are going so that we are fully prepared for the next level. Faith will take us to the next level so we can’t lose.

What comes next?? Success!! you have been tested, tried and true and you have mastered your mind and body. You persevered and it paid off. Unfortunately because life is the way it is, we have to go through things and trials will always come. The beauty of it now, is that because you have already taken your journey it has prepared you with the tools you’ll need to win. Strong Mind=Determination, Patience=Faith and Perseverance=Success!!



As we begin the journey of embarking on a new year, we often become giddy at the thought of being able to put all things negative of the former year behind us and declare a new start and a new life for the new year! However let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute.. A new year will bring new failures, new success, new friendships, new break-ups, new make-ups, new relationships, and new happily-ever-after’s. Most people would like to live a life without the afore-mentioned negativity; but are we being fair to ourselves if we erase the very things in our lives that make us stronger, fearless, and more determined? Think about it, when you learned how to ride your bike, was it the fall that made you more determined to get back up or did the fall encourage you to quit? It is the process of dusting yourself off, limping over to the bike, picking it up and getting back on it for the next ride. Temporary failures can open up a world of new possibilities.  Remember the feeling you got when you aced a difficult test, you felt like you could ace all future tests because of your new found confidence just received from your victory. what about when you lost that unwanted 15 lbs. After the hard work and sweating it finally paid off. Now you feel like you could lose another 15 lbs. In an instant your world view changed. If you never experience a loss you can never appreciate the victory. This year challenge yourself to not view a negative situation as a failure, but view it as an opportunity to be inspired. As long as you have inspiration you have possibility!!