There’s WEALTH in the WAITING


What do I mean when I say there is “wealth in the waiting”? There are times in our lives when we have to make huge decisions that will greatly affect our well-being. Most of the time because of the society that we live in, we like to have those answers immediately. I mean, no one likes to wait, especially when the answer is so important. We need to know now what we should do! However does when we receive the right answer make it any less valuable than if we have to wait longer to get it? Knowing that you have explored all options and avenues before making a decision will leave you feeling more confident about living with that the decision for the rest of your life. Meaning, If there is a sudden stumbling block, or things start looking like they could be taking a turn in the direction you had not planned, you can say “well I’ve already explored all possible options so this was the best and maybe it just wasn’t meant.” Sometimes we think we want to live in a certain area or drive a certain vehicle and then once we get those things we realize it’s not what we wanted after all.  So I have learned that even in making the best decision or choice that fits my life, sometimes there is a lesson in the process of waiting for something, than actually in the receiving. In other words; If I apply for a loan that I need to purchase a home I really want, (and we know the long process in buying a home)  even though buying this new home can be an improvement for you and your family, it doesn’t mean that it is what you need now and it might not work out. The beauty in the delay is it gives time for thought and reasoning. What’s wrong with having a little extra time to make sure have covered all your bases.


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We all feel from time to time that we are facing something in our lives that is too much to handle. A situation so big that it causes us to re-evaulate ourselves and our lives. It could be a divorce, the loss of a job, or in rare cases a huge decision that will affect our lives in a positive way, but is a leap of faith and very scary to make. What do we do with these mountains, how do we conquer them?

First we have to remind ourselves that the battle begins in our minds. However we see the mountain determines how hard it will be to defeat it. We have to decompress our minds and focus on the problem so that we can figure out a game plan on how to solve it. We need to get rid of negative influences and bad advice that we have been given in a failed attempt to help us resolve the matter. Here’s what I have learned in my experiences with moving mountains in my life. 


I have to change the way I see my problem. Am I going to allow it to become so big that it ignites fear in me and my ability to confront the issue? Or will I minimize the problem making the idea of conquering it seem more attainable? 


Your attitude will help support your perspective. When you’re  able to visualize in your mind the problem on a smaller scale, you will then be able to encourage yourself to devise a solution for the problem. In my life, I would think about all the things and people in my life that I am grateful for, this caused me to fill my mind up with reason of why I needed to defeat this issue and not let it defeat me.

Now that you have realized that your problem is not as big as you once thought, Now that you have a winning attitude, Now that you have realized you have plenty of reasons to fight and win, it’s time to put your plan in action. Whether your plan is to stand for a broken marriage, or quit your full time job to be a stay at home mom, THE TIME TO DO IT IS NOW!!

We only get one shot at this life. We don’t need to allow problems to weight us down and hold us captive to the point to where we are consumed and missing out on the positive aspects of our lives; this will only smother any thoughts of happiness in our futures. Let’s live our lives so that when time is up we won’t have any REGRETS!!

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It’s love’s fault!

As an adult I have realized that one of the hardest things to learn how to do is to love. LOVE is such a necessary emotion and contributes immensely to the health of our being. 

So why does it hurt so bad!! Or does It? It hurts when we love someone that doesn’t love us back, and it hurts when we are hurt by the people we love. However, love didn’t hurt us, it’s the person who holds our love and heart in their hand that hurt us. It’s the person that we have entrusted such a precious and vulnerable gift that hurt us. So why do we blame love? 

We are hurting ourselves by not being cautious with whom we give our love to. Now I am not saying that we need to never love again! 

I am saying that falling in love is one of the biggest leaps of faith that we take during our lifetimes. The thrill of the leap itself can be mesmerizing and scary. But it is a necessary leap. Because a life without love is not worth living! 

Recognizing true love is one of the more complicated steps in the process. Sometimes we are still blinded by the clouds and strung out on the adrenaline from the initial leap that we confuse a poisonous unhealthy love for a nurturing healthy form of love.

Although many can attest to the pain and frustration that one can experience while in love; this pain should never make you feel small or belittled. LOVE doesn’t come from the end of a slap or any form of physical abuse! Love doesn’t make a habit of verbal attacks!

Love definitely doesn’t continually point out flaws and spotlight negative things about a person. 

Love doesn’t run when things get tough! Love sticks it out and helps build a person up. LOVE makes love stronger! Love endures and is patient! Love finds kind words when they need to be heard, love hugs instead of hits. 

Love is something we should all experience, it is such a powerful emotion that if used correctly, it can stop wars and rid us of other powerful emotions such as hate, jealousy, anger and so on.. To express true love toward everyone even those who have wronged you is not an easy task; it takes a special person with a special heart to find love in all things in all situations and in all people. However, if we all work towards this goal in the end…

Don’t BURST my bubble!!

So when we are in a rut or we are going through a stressful situation, it is hard to see outside of ourselves and what is going on in our lives at the moment and how it is affecting our loved ones and those around us. The question is: how can we buffer the rough and hurtful journey that we are traveling?

First off we cannot shy away from our friends and family and those who love us and want to help us. These are the people who will feed you positivity and encouragement! Although it can be annoying sometimes, mainly because we just plain don’t want to hear happy words or have happy thoughts, it’s great to have that energy around you.

And yes, we also need time to ourselves to just have quiet time for reflection and planning. However, isolation is not key. When we are facing trials a lot of times it’s easier to believe that no one else has been through what you are experiencing, so we feel that no one can relate. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your situation might not be identical but someone has felt the pain and despair that you are feeling and we should allow that advice to soak in.

Another way that I have fought my way out of a slump is helping others. When we help others even when we are hurting, it gives us an opportunity to look outside of ourselves and refocus our energy and minds on something else. Besides, let’s be honest, helping others always make you feel good about yourself. 

No matter what battle we are fighting we have to strengthen ourselves from within first. We have to allow the hurt and pain to heal internally so that it will illuminate externally. Victory is inevitable if you stay the course, stay surrounded by positive energy and people, burst that bubble of isolation and allow ourselves to think of someone else and extend a helping hand and remember that “this too shall pass” there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

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