It’s love’s fault!

As an adult I have realized that one of the hardest things to learn how to do is to love. LOVE is such a necessary emotion and contributes immensely to the health of our being. 

So why does it hurt so bad!! Or does It? It hurts when we love someone that doesn’t love us back, and it hurts when we are hurt by the people we love. However, love didn’t hurt us, it’s the person who holds our love and heart in their hand that hurt us. It’s the person that we have entrusted such a precious and vulnerable gift that hurt us. So why do we blame love? 

We are hurting ourselves by not being cautious with whom we give our love to. Now I am not saying that we need to never love again! 

I am saying that falling in love is one of the biggest leaps of faith that we take during our lifetimes. The thrill of the leap itself can be mesmerizing and scary. But it is a necessary leap. Because a life without love is not worth living! 

Recognizing true love is one of the more complicated steps in the process. Sometimes we are still blinded by the clouds and strung out on the adrenaline from the initial leap that we confuse a poisonous unhealthy love for a nurturing healthy form of love.

Although many can attest to the pain and frustration that one can experience while in love; this pain should never make you feel small or belittled. LOVE doesn’t come from the end of a slap or any form of physical abuse! Love doesn’t make a habit of verbal attacks!

Love definitely doesn’t continually point out flaws and spotlight negative things about a person. 

Love doesn’t run when things get tough! Love sticks it out and helps build a person up. LOVE makes love stronger! Love endures and is patient! Love finds kind words when they need to be heard, love hugs instead of hits. 

Love is something we should all experience, it is such a powerful emotion that if used correctly, it can stop wars and rid us of other powerful emotions such as hate, jealousy, anger and so on.. To express true love toward everyone even those who have wronged you is not an easy task; it takes a special person with a special heart to find love in all things in all situations and in all people. However, if we all work towards this goal in the end…


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