Don’t BURST my bubble!!

So when we are in a rut or we are going through a stressful situation, it is hard to see outside of ourselves and what is going on in our lives at the moment and how it is affecting our loved ones and those around us. The question is: how can we buffer the rough and hurtful journey that we are traveling?

First off we cannot shy away from our friends and family and those who love us and want to help us. These are the people who will feed you positivity and encouragement! Although it can be annoying sometimes, mainly because we just plain don’t want to hear happy words or have happy thoughts, it’s great to have that energy around you.

And yes, we also need time to ourselves to just have quiet time for reflection and planning. However, isolation is not key. When we are facing trials a lot of times it’s easier to believe that no one else has been through what you are experiencing, so we feel that no one can relate. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your situation might not be identical but someone has felt the pain and despair that you are feeling and we should allow that advice to soak in.

Another way that I have fought my way out of a slump is helping others. When we help others even when we are hurting, it gives us an opportunity to look outside of ourselves and refocus our energy and minds on something else. Besides, let’s be honest, helping others always make you feel good about yourself. 

No matter what battle we are fighting we have to strengthen ourselves from within first. We have to allow the hurt and pain to heal internally so that it will illuminate externally. Victory is inevitable if you stay the course, stay surrounded by positive energy and people, burst that bubble of isolation and allow ourselves to think of someone else and extend a helping hand and remember that “this too shall pass” there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

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