So, it’s been a while since my last post. I feel like maybe this is going to be the most difficult post I have ever submitted. Seems like when you are on a hiatus from something that you should’ve never taken leave from in the first place, there is a certain guilt and pressure you feel to be better or as good as you were before the break.  

I always knew that I would find my way back to my blog again, but sometimes life can complicate things a bit. Figuring out how I would get back on that path was frustrating!! There were so many days I wanted to break out my device and start a post, but when it was time to actually do it, I froze. Most people who are passionate about something look at their work as a representation of who they are. This means they put a lot of thought into this passion and don’t want to rush and create work that is a FALSE representation of who they are. 

With that in mind; I had no clue what to write about. I had hit a creative stumbling block. Have you ever had so many ideas that even that caused you problems? My brain exploded because of everything that I wanted to write about, but the inability to put it in words was mind blowing!!

I worked out and went to the gym to clear my head so that I could pick a topic, concentrate on it, and FIND WORDS!! Am I the only one that has used this technique? Well, it didn’t work!..😓

I refused to let it go this time and I looked for inspiration in everything: beautiful scenery and even just the day to day people watching as the masses commuted to work..

Long story short.. I found that I was complicating and over-thinking things. I have a lot to say, and the best way to deliver my thoughts is just to SAY IT! The way I express myself is what makes my work unique. It’s the ME factor. I literally almost gave up on this passion of mine because I treated it like a job and not a passion. It’s been years since I’ve published a post and I’m excited to jump back in and start sharing and reading all of the wonderful stories of others. Even if it’s been years like me since you have danced, wrote a song, created new music, whatever, Take a leap and never give up!!

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