Overlooking everything in our lives that do not add value to it is not healthy. We don’t want to become comfortable with things, people, etc.. that counter the productivity and the substance that we are trying to add to our livelihood. 


These people and things are like leeches sucking the light out of your life. They become like weights. The more you accumulate the more weighed down you will feel and soon the drive you once had is lost and your vision for your life becomes clouded.


Life is a fight.  Evaluating your life, environment,  friends and your own state of insanity takes persistence and bravery.  Being brave enough to admit to yourself that changes need to be made is essential.  Sometimes changes in our lives take us out of our comfort zone and that alone can be scary. 
Keep fighting the obstacles so that you can live the best life you can. We only get one shot. .Let’s make it count

God Bless #testify


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author of "a conversation with a real woman"

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