Delay Doesn’t Mean Denial

Inspiring post for those who need encouragement to hang on a little longer..

Hazel Owens

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I typically do not make a blog post without praying about it, and going through it to make sure it reads exactly how I need it to read. But this morning is a little different. . .

This morning my heart is going out to those who struggle with God’s delay! I too at times have a hard time understanding why certain things haven’t happened for me yet. Why I have strong, burning desires for things & it seems like I’m being stalled on seeing them fulfilled. It seems like the very desires I have is happening for everyone else but me! I at times question: When is it going to be my turn?

Maybe you feel this way now or have felt this way before. Maybe you too are wondering:

  • When will it be my turn to marry? How much longer do…

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2 thoughts on “Delay Doesn’t Mean Denial”

  1. I am a firm believer in God’s delay being right in time. I also bare witness to this taking place in my life and my children’s lives. Not only does God work on the time that is right, often after we have found our way back to a chosen path. And doing so without thought or purpose in a way that is selfish or manipulative. Pure of heart and intent it comes out of nowhere (or so it appears). The beauty then is that you are not only put in the place you are to be, but are also in the place you would have been without the delay. Gods Grace is real and amazing! Thank you for the post and repost!


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