I am always concerned when I hear people complain about where they are in life. Well, I know we have all at some point looked at where we were in life and were dissatisfied. However, to the people who don’t invest in themselves; who don’t get up and do something that is productive; who always say not today, tomorrow; I can’t feel sorry for you. When you become an adult you cannot wait for someone to pick you up off the couch and motivate you. No one is going to hold your hand through the process. (if they do I feel they are doing you a disservice) There is not always going to be someone there to pat you on your back and say good job. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Figure out what you want to do in life, get a goal, make a plan, be determined and achieve it. Most importantly; Get up and Do something! !


Now am I saying become so focused on your goals that you forget to enjoy life? No. You can live a great life while trying to achieve your goals. You don’t want to forget about family and friends because they can provide you with a stress-free environment for when you need to refresh your brain and just unwind.


Getting your priorities in order is what is going to help you live a balanced life. You have to have balance in life it is so important. Having balance maintains a peaceful environment. Your family and friends don’t feel shut out of your life and you don’t feel like you’re missing out or sacrificing too much.

My thoughts are we have to keep moving and setting goals for ourselves. Whether personal, spiritual,  physical, etc. If you’re moving, you’re advancing and in due time you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come. If you’re on the couch, not moving, best believe, 5 years from now you’ll be on the couch wondering where the time has gone.


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