Soooo…yeeaahh.. We are breaking up because you ate your peas one at a time. it’s stupid!! It’s so annoying!! I have asked you to use a spoon over and over again, but NO! you insisted on using your finger and picking them up one at a time!! There are always like 20 peas on your plate, it drives me crazy!!

It doesn’t matter that you are always there for me when I need you. For instance, like when you came and took care of me when I had the flu, I mean you called in to work and everything! Even though you took off work and I knew you couldn’t really afford to, you did it anyway! Oh and there was that time that you helped me write my thesis, (you practically wrote it yourself) and you had a paper due the next day; You stayed up all night to help, yes I remember that; that was cool of you! And there was that time that you came over to my house and cooked dinner for me because I had to work a double shift and you knew I was too tired. That was such a nice surprise, I was even thinking on my way home from work; what am I going to do for food? ( I was too tired to stop on the way). Oh yeah and what about how you always call me to tell me goodnight because you know I like to hear your voice before I go to sleep. I could call you, but I wouldn’t commit to it and would probably forget, I remember that’s why you volunteered to do it. I can’t forget that time you sent my mom flowers on her birthday because you knew I would forget, she was so happy when she called me to thank me for them, I think she was crying.

Sooo..Yeah.. now that I think about it,


I wrote this silly rant to remind us of how we tend to turn mole hills into mountains. We highlight everything that is wrong with our partners and we don’t highlight the good. If you have to write down all the good things your partner does and has done for you then do so, so you don’t forget or trivialize their presence in your life. Start your list today!! Pull it out every time you think about breaking up with him/her. Oh and please remember they are making a list about you. Let’s hope you make the grade

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