I thought today in honor of #TBT I would share a couple of posts from a few years back from my Facebook page DivinePeachInc



Some women get it… you see your happiness is tailor made for you.. Every experience from your childhood until now creates a unique fit for what you need in your life to be happy.. From the things you felt your life lacked..to the things you felt you were over exposed to and do not desire to have anymore.. The key is gettn that needed time alone so that you can figure it out..


Have you or someone you know ever lost themselves in a relationship? It is very hard to end a relationship that you have lost yourself in. What is the danger in losing yourself? Well for one you put this relationship and person before everyone and everything else. All you think about is him, can’t remember or take care of business, calling him constantly, You can’t go out with friends or don’t have time for friends anymore, You blend your life with this relationship and you make it one. This means your life and the life of your relationship is one and the same. Surely we all know and understand the importance of keeping a life separate from your relationship and mate. Why should you do this for those who don’t know? We do this because in the event your relationship ends it will not have such a detrimental effect on your life as a whole. You can actually begin to separate yourself from the things and places or whatever that cause painful memories. You can begin to close that chapter without having to close so much of the life that you are going to have to live while moving on. Plus even if the relationship doesn’t end sometimes it good to visit your life outside of your relationship to collect yourself, to step outside and look at your relationship to make sure you are happy and its progressing. We all know a relationship that’s dormant has no future.


empowering yourself inwardly and spiritually can be detrimental in how your body feels outwardly.. A Conversation With A Real Woman was written as a guide to help women empower themselves and increase their self worth

This link will take you to sample pages so that you can experience the book for yourself:


A Conversation With A Real Woman

Thanks for taking the time to read m blog, I don’t take it for granted!


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