Everyone has a different path to take in life; and although our individual paths are different, our journeys are more similar than we know. Our journeys as a whole will demand that we conquer certain obstacles in order to advance. There is always a level in which we will have to overcome a situation that seems unconquerable. This is where we feel our worst and feel that we have been defeated. You will not be able to physically remove yourself from this stage until you can first mentally survive the turmoil. Your mental strength will fuel your physical body to move and advance. We have to understand that A strong mind produces a strong will and whatever is on the inside of you will eventually manifest itself on the outside. For example, if you have a positive mindset, than it will show in your attitude and in your day to day treatment of those around you. You will be motivated to not allow the situation to conquer you, but you will began to move around and be active and prepare yourself for the duration of the war that you are going through.

The next step of most journeys involves more peace. In this stage you are normally not where you want to be, but you are at peace with where you are. You are in control of your mind and it is stable. You are now looking for inspiration and direction so that you can figure out the tools you need to gather to advance to the next step. This step is the next hardest level because in this stage everything that you learned from the previous will now be put in to play. You will now have to display patience. Patience is the one thing that can cause someone to lose out on the true purpose of their journey. Being impatient can cause a person to fall back a level because they will try to advance too quickly without learning and absorbing all of the lessons that should be learned where they are. We have to have patience where we are for direction to where we are going so that we are fully prepared for the next level. Faith will take us to the next level so we can’t lose.

What comes next?? Success!! you have been tested, tried and true and you have mastered your mind and body. You persevered and it paid off. Unfortunately because life is the way it is, we have to go through things and trials will always come. The beauty of it now, is that because you have already taken your journey it has prepared you with the tools you’ll need to win. Strong Mind=Determination, Patience=Faith and Perseverance=Success!!


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  1. This is such a great post!

    The following absolutely ring true for me: “Your mental strength will fuel your physical body to move and advance.”

    I’ve dealt with long-term unemployment for much longer than I could have ever imagined and must say my ability to move forward in such a hardship required me to make some changes mentally. Mindset is very important.

    The mental changes brought about a different perspective of my situation, so I am grateful. It took some fighting, but it was all worth it.

    I must admit that I have learned a great lesson on patience through my difficulty. As I continue to move forward on my journey, I have peace and deepened faith.

    Thank you for sharing.


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