As we begin the journey of embarking on a new year, we often become giddy at the thought of being able to put all things negative of the former year behind us and declare a new start and a new life for the new year! However let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute.. A new year will bring new failures, new success, new friendships, new break-ups, new make-ups, new relationships, and new happily-ever-after’s. Most people would like to live a life without the afore-mentioned negativity; but are we being fair to ourselves if we erase the very things in our lives that make us stronger, fearless, and more determined? Think about it, when you learned how to ride your bike, was it the fall that made you more determined to get back up or did the fall encourage you to quit? It is the process of dusting yourself off, limping over to the bike, picking it up and getting back on it for the next ride. Temporary failures can open up a world of new possibilities.  Remember the feeling you got when you aced a difficult test, you felt like you could ace all future tests because of your new found confidence just received from your victory. what about when you lost that unwanted 15 lbs. After the hard work and sweating it finally paid off. Now you feel like you could lose another 15 lbs. In an instant your world view changed. If you never experience a loss you can never appreciate the victory. This year challenge yourself to not view a negative situation as a failure, but view it as an opportunity to be inspired. As long as you have inspiration you have possibility!!


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