Overlooking everything in our lives that do not add value to it is not healthy. We don’t want to become comfortable with things, people, etc.. that counter the productivity and the substance that we are trying to add to our livelihood. 


These people and things are like leeches sucking the light out of your life. They become like weights. The more you accumulate the more weighed down you will feel and soon the drive you once had is lost and your vision for your life becomes clouded.


Life is a fight.  Evaluating your life, environment,  friends and your own state of insanity takes persistence and bravery.  Being brave enough to admit to yourself that changes need to be made is essential.  Sometimes changes in our lives take us out of our comfort zone and that alone can be scary. 
Keep fighting the obstacles so that you can live the best life you can. We only get one shot. .Let’s make it count

God Bless #testify

I am who I am


I am who I am, worry about who you should be. So many times people want you to follow their footsteps,  but you can’t.  We have to stay true determined not to be changed.. I love the way I love; I play the way I play. Our differences make us unique. . Our opinions make us special. Conforming makes us ordinary. Who doesn’t want to be different,  strange or mysterious?  Whatever your role and whoever you decide to be. BE YOU!! PLAY THE GAME BY YOUR RULES AND LIVE LIFE TO YOUR STANDARDS!! I’m sure someone out there is dealing with peer pressure or with the pressure to change your beliefs, but don’t.. like you, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM UNIQUE, I AM ME..I AM…….



Being yourself can sometimes be hard. Loving yourself can be the most difficult task you could accomplish.. not everyone will understand the decisions you will make, but you have to be yourself. Sometimes people will ridicule you and tell you they know what’s best. But it always best to be yourself!!.. know that you are a winner, know that you matter and know that you have purpose. Sometimes we look for others for validation; and that’s okay, that’s called being human. However in listening to positive criticism we must never agree with opinions that void our deepest beliefs and that shake our moral foundation. .

I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry for that. I have learned that some people actually look forward to my posts and I am forever grateful for that. We must all understand that we have a responsibility.  A responsibility to ourselves first, to make sure that our minds and bodies are healthy to provide the service to others that we are regarded to.

No matter how small no matter how little we have to uphold the influences and responsibilities that we have to our fellow man. Remembering that life is greater than you should inevitably substantiate our existence. .if you can help; help, if you can teach; teach, if you can preach; preach, but whatever you do, do it with a healthy mind and body so that you can do it to the best of your ability and that it comes from a wholesome place.
Thanks everyone for your support even in my’s truly beautiful! !


Take off the mask


I think that we all at one time or another have disguised ourselves to be something or someone that we are not. I don’t know the reason, that varies. Sometimes it’s easier to be something or someone that we are not so that when we come under criticism we can say “well that wasn’t the real me anyway”
What’s wrong with being ourselves? We have got to come to a point where we are okay and confident in ourselves so that we can freely be ourselves.


So let’s start with all of those not so scary skeletons in our closets. Sometimes we think our insecurities are so huge and complicated that they will run the right person away. That’s not true. Your flaws will attract the right person.


Let’s clean out our closet by confessing our flaws. Saying aloud that our flaws are what make us unique and beautiful!!


We are not perfect..we are always in the process of bettering ourselves.  Whether it’s working out,a diet, spiritual growth, and or embarking on a new quest of self-fulfillment. Understanding that being who you are is the most beautiful and awe-inspiring act that you could ever do, is life changing!!..


Being in love with yourself will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. No one can hurt, damage, or manipulate this love. It’s in your hands. Treat it with the utmost respect and shelter it. No one can take it, unless you give them permission to do so.

A Rollercoaster of emotion


For the past two weeks I spent my time investing in artists and their craft. I was amazed at all the talent and all the beautiful stories and testimonies that were shared. I chose this picture of the rollercoaster in the shape of a heart because that pretty much summed up my experience.  Although I may not have agreed with every post I read I will always respect the artist and their message.

I read wonderful posts about family and togetherness. It was wonderful to see how many people still believe family is an important foundation for a person in this life.


I read posts that made me think “wow, I can’t believe they said that” these were about more controversial topics like racism, politics, religion, etc. Although I may not have agreed, most posts were so full of passion that they captivated my attention.


Some posts tugged on my heart strings more as I read about depression, sadness and suicide. You just want to help, but you don’t know how!!


All and all taking these two weeks was great for me. It showed me how many voices that are out there trying to be heard, how many messages of hope, pain, encouragement, etc  it gave me a different perspective on certain topics, and it reminded me of how important it is for us artists to keep fine-tuning our message.
I am so inspired and I feel renewed. I’m ready to start posting again. There is a lot of healing that needs to be done, and it’s starts with the passion to help, the thought to create and the courage to dare to put it out there!!





Until my next post!!.




Due to circumstances out of my control every Sunday morning I have to attend church via cable television. Where normally Pastor Joel Osteen gives a great sermon. Yes there are perks to listening to the sermon in your pajamas but it’s not the same as being there. I miss being able to fellowship with my fellow Christians and speak on the goodness of God. One of my favorite parts of church service stems from when I was a little girl and we had what we called; Testifying service. During this part of service church members could stand up and testify about how God “made a way out of no way” or they could ask for prayer. Sometimes they would just speak on the goodness of Jesus and all he as done for them or someone they know.

Fast Forward to early in the wee hours of this past Friday morning God spoke a word to me. He said that there are so many who are like me that cannot attend church for whatever reason. He told me to give them and myself of course, a platform to speak on his goodness or ask for prayer. So every Sunday I am going to open up my blog to those of you who would like to either ask for prayer or just speak on the goodness of God.

Here’s how it works: if you want to testify start your writing off with #TESTIFY; if you want to ask for prayer, start your writing off with #DEAR GOD

We are a family here so we should be able to ask for prayer or just speak on great things that have happened in our lives or someone that we know. You don’t have to do one of each.

I will start:
#TESTIFY: It always amazes me how God sends comfort to us in times of distress. This past year was such a trying year for me and my family. However God sent comfort to me in various ways. One time in particular I was picking my daughter up from school and I was talking to God and telling him how I didn’t think that I was going to make it. Suddenly one of my favorite Christian songs came on the radio and it began to fill my heart with joy. He is always there for us and he knows how to get us through and that’s why I love him.

#DEARGOD: I know that you are not finished with me yet and that I probably have a long way to go. I just ask that you continue to strengthen and direct me so that I may please you and fulfill my purpose.

#TESTIFY: I would like to thank God for all my blog family, immediate family and friends. God made us to be helpers one to another. So for everyone who has supported me with my dreams, book, blog, twitter, LinkedIn and anything else I’ve participated in..thank you and may God bless!!

DEAR GOD: Dear God I still need your help. I am still working on my patience. I know it takes many slips and falls before we reach the path that leads to success. I am so anxious to fulfill my destiny I don’t want to delay reaching it much longer. Help me wait until you have refined like gold cause only then will I be ready to partake in the greatest fight of my life. The fight for winning souls for your kingdom
TESTIFY: I want to thank God for standing beside me and comforting me as I continue this difficult journey.
TESTIFY: Lord thank you for my beautiful family and friends. Thank you for favor and for giving me peace throughout all the trials life brings. Thank you for loving me and giving me the mind to want to follow you. Amen

TESTIFY: Thank you God for revelation and answering prayers. You have continued to answer my prayers over and over again. Constantly reminding me that you are right beside me. As our relationship grows closer I can feel your presence more and more. Thank you for being my closest friend.

TESTIFY: I have just spent the past two weeks reading some amazing blogs.. Thank you for giving everyone their own individual message and purpose. These past two weeks I have been truly blessed.

TESTIFY: I would like to thank God for mercy and grace.



To my blog followers, I have not quit my blog.. (lol) I will be spending the next two weeks reading my followers blogs (always invest in those who invest in you to show how much you appreciate them) I will also be enjoying new blogs. (I love to find new and interesting blogs). So some of you will probably be getting multiple comments and likes from me as I catch up on my reading.